Thursday, 31 March 2016

Top 10 Richest TNA Wrestlers 2016 - most current

Top 10 Richest TNA Wrestlers 2016. Total Non Stop Action Wrestling is now much improved today there are number of Wrestlers who are participating in the format and the Franchise have signed a major TV deal with Sony six which will last in 2022 .

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Top 10 Richest TNA Wrestlers 2016

But there is one question as WWE Super stars are highly paid for their service, how much the TNA Wrestlers earn in year and who is the most earning TNA wrestlers here you will see the list of the Richest TNA Wrestlers 2016  who are active .

Top 10 Richest TNA Wrestlers 2016

Jeff Jarrett is working hard to promote the TNA as much as he can to make it one of the largest Wrestling entertainment franchise in United States , Dixie Carter the president of the TNA wrestling made some big changes to his Wrestling Entertainment industry she introduce some of the best wrestlers like Hulk Hogan , Kevin Nash , Scott Steiner and Sting in last few years . Kurt Angle is one of the highest paid and hall of fame wrestler in TNA.

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Top 10 Richest TNA Wrestlers 2016

Wrestlers                        Salary                          Net Worth
Kurt Angle                     $500,000                    $15 Million
Bobby Lashley              $450,000                    $6 Million
Jeffrey Hardy               $400,000                    $4.5 Million
Abyss                             $380,000                     $4 Million
Samoa Joe                     $350,000                     $4 Million
Matt Hardy                   $330,000                     $3.2 Million
Austin Aries                  $350,000                     $3.9 Million
Mr. Anderson               $300,000                     $3 Million
Rockstar Spud              $250,000                     $1.5 Million
James Storm                $230,000                      $900 Thousand
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